Tech tips 2011: Websites to bookmark right now

Handy sites to help make your life easier

Fine-tune your day from the comfort of your computer with T3's top tech tips

Finding it tough to tick all the boxes on your to-do list? Could you be making more of your online time? If you'd rather be slumped on the sofa instead of running around manically to get everything done, sit snug with laptop/notebook/tablet in place and let the web be your saviour with our handy tech tips to get more out of your surfing.

Click the link below to see the best websites to bookmark right now.

1/ File In A Flash

Download the free Kindle for Android app and read books on your Android smartphone.

Link: Amazon UK

2/ TuneGlue Audio Map

Find related music and buy tracks from Amazon using Last.FM's Tuneglue Music Map.

Link: TuneGlue Audio Map

3/ BackupElf

Back up your files by sending a quick email, using BackupElf.

Link: BackupElf

4/ BBC World Service

Browse more than 35 million hours of video, all of which will work on your phone.

Link: BBC World Service

5/ Beyondoblivion

Feeling Guilty? A new music service pays royalties to musicians even for illegally-shared tunes.

Link: Beyondoblivion

6/ Big Match Online

You can download a management strategy and football trivia PC game for free.

Link: Big Match Online

7/ BlinkX

Browse more than 35 million hours of video, all of which will work on your phone.

Link: BlinkX

8/ Can't You See I'm Busy!

Pretend to work while playing games - hit the spacebar to pause and show a work document.

Link: Can't You See I'm Busy!

9/ Chromaroma

Turn your commute into a game with Chromaroma.

Link: Can't You See I'm Busy!

10/ Converter

Find how many fathoms are in an ounce and more by adding the converter to Firefox.

Link: Converter

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11/ Crush-O-Matic

Randomly choose a game to play against a stranger, a la Chat Roulette, with Crush-O-Matic.

Link: Crush-O-Matic

12/ Dadahack

Electronica Outfit Dadahack's new album, Tap3, comes as a retro cassette that's also an MP3 player.

Link: Dadahack

13/ Dexpot

Turn your PC desktop into a series of separate home pages, just like an Android phone.

Link: Dexpot

14/ Disk Space Fan

Delete useless files taking up space on your hard drive, helped by some visually impressive graphs.

Link: Disk Space Fan

15/ Embedplus

Add slow-mo or zoom functionality to YouTube videos that you embed to a website.

Link: Embedplus

16/ Empty Folder Nuker

Simon Wai's handy program Automatically hunts down and deletes empty folders on your PC.

Link: Empty Folder Nuker

17/ Expatshield

Watch BBC iPlayer abroad using the Expat Shield.

Link: Expatshield

18/ Fifa Superstars

Build, train and manage a football team and compete against your friends on Facebook.

Link: Fifa Superstars

19/ Fair Share Music

Buy and download music tracks from a library of 8.5million. Half the money goes to charity.

Link: Fair Share Music

20/ File In A Flash

Transfer files up to 2GB in size quickly and easily.

Link: File In A Flash

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21/ Findaphotostore

Locate your nearest independent photography shop for impartial advice.

Link: Finda Photo Store

22/ Fizwoz

Sell your news-worthy camera phone pictures and videos to the highest bidder.

Link: Fizwoz

23/ FreeTube TV

Watch TV free online. Includes a channel called "Knob Tv life"; therefore must be good.

Link: FreeTube TV

24/ Gaboom

Swap, sell and buy unwanted gaming titles on a secure exchange website, currently in beta testing.

Link: Gaboom

25/ Google Art Project

Google's art project lets you virtually tour 11 of the world's biggest galleries.

Link: Google Art Project

26/ Google Apps Marketplace

Download business applications that sync with Google apps

Link: Google Apps Marketplace

27/ Henry Herbert

Be fitted for a Saville Row-style suit by a tailor who visits your house on a scooter.

Link: Henry Herbert

28/ HMV Digital

For easy management of your HMV digital music downloads use HMV's new iTunes-style software.

Link: HMV Digital

29/ Inni Accounts

Manage your finances online if you run your own business.

Link: Inni Accounts

30/ Intel museum of me

Create your own art installation based on your Facebook updates, pics, and videos.

Link: Intel museum of me

title: Tech Websites to bookmark Part 4 / url: Tech-Websites-to-bookmark-Part-4

31/ Intune

Microsoft has launched Intune, its new cloud-based suite of management tools for IT folk.

Link: Microsoft

32/ Libox

Store all your multimedia content, including HD, in the Cloud and access it online from any device.

Link: Libox

33/ Listeningroom

Invite people to listen to music from your computer, wherever they are online.

Link: Listenning Room

34/ Listen To YouTube

Download the audio from any YouTube clip as an MP3. Completely free.

Link: Listen To YouTube

35/ Map Envolope

Print out envelopes with your Google Maps satellite location on them.

Link: Map Envolope

36/ Mood Turn

Pipe ambient music through your web browser for zen-like web surfing.

Link: Mood Turn

37/ My Stickies

Save notes on your favorite Web sites with MyStickies, a Post-It note system you can use online.

Link: My Stickies

38/ Google News

Personalise your Google news web streaming using the improved "News for you" features.

Link: Google News

39/ Nokia Maps

Get free expert travel info and reviews from Expedia, Timeout and Qype via Nokia's Ovi maps.

Link: Nokia Maps

40/ NowMov

See a constant feed of YouTube clips - it's a lazy/indecisive timewaster's dream.

Link: NowMov

title: Tech Websites to bookmark Part 5 / url: Tech-Websites-to-bookmark-Part-5

41/ Onavo

Learn how to compress the data on your mobile phone and limit roaming costs abroad.

Link: Onavo

42/ Path

Spring clean your social network and limit your friends to the 50 people you contact most.

Link: Path

43/ Phile

Set up online groups to discuss whatever you're into.

Link: Phile

44/ Piracy Defender

The Privacy Defender app automatically fixes your Facebook privacy settings for free

Link: Piracy Defender

45/ Probablyinteractive

Discreet gaming: URL Hunter is an addictive game that just uses your browser bar.

Link: Probably Interactive

46/ Pure

Pure Sensia internet radio owners can now access and view photos stored online at picasa.

Link: Pure

47/ Rapportive

Add embedded social networking abilities to your Gmail account using Rapportive.

Link: Rapportive

48/ Razerlame

Transform your large WAV files into mp3s using Razerlame.

Link: Razerlame

49/ Rebound Tag

Attach a rebound tag to your luggage and receive a text message if it's found. Very handy and only costs £20.

Link: Rebound Tag

50/ Redplayer

Redplayer can stream broadcast-quality online video to multiple devices, from phons and PS3s.

Link: Red Player

title: Tech Websites to bookmark Part 6 / url: Tech-Websites-to-bookmark-Part-6

51/ Remember The Milk

Use this service to manage your tasks and send yourself reminders on virtually any platform; plus, it integrates incredibly well with Google's stable of productivity services.

Link: Remember The Milk

52/ Retailfacility

Wake up with the help of an alarm, the watch that vibrates like an alarm clock.

Price: £260

Link: Retail Facility

53/ Rockmelt

Post status updates from any social networking site using Rockmelt, a browser built around social networking.

Link: Rockmelt

54/ Seesaw

Download and rent NBC TV shows including House, Battlestar Galactica and 30 Rock from video-on-demand service Seesaw.

Link: Seesaw

55/ Sky 3D Pubs

Find a pub near you showing football matches in 3D using Sky's pub finder. More than 1,000 are signed up to show it.

Link: Sky 3D Pubs

56/ Sofa Stadium

Share your football views with a wider audience via Virgin Media's interactive online app.

Link: Sofa Stadium

57/ Sonos

Set your Sonos to wake up with a different song every day. Using the new 3.2 firmware update.

Link: Sonos

58/ Spacetelescope

Celebrate Hubble's 21st year in space by viewing its many amazing space snaps.

Link: Spacetelescope


Trim you MP3s to size, getting rid of those 'mystery tracks' after four minutes of silence.


60/ Subzin

Find a movie or show by searching for a phrase within in.

Link: Subzin

title: Tech Websites to bookmark Part 7 / url: Tech-Websites-to-bookmark-Part-7

61/ Supertwario

Turn social networking into a video game with super twario.

Link: Super Twario

62/ T3 iPad edition

To turn auto-renew on or off on your T3: iPad edition, go to App Store on your iPad and, then 'view account.'

Link: T3 iPad edition

63/ Telegramstop

Send an old fashioned telegram using the web.

Link: Telegramstop

64/ Tesco

Trade in your console games at participating Tesco outlets, then spend the money in store.

Link: Tesco

65/ Tesco Mobile

Get unlimited texts and 100 free minutes with Tesco's £6 per month sim-only deal.

Link: Tesco Mobile

66/ Think Geek

Charge mini USB gadgets using a bracer of battery life, which you wear on your wrist.

Link: Think Geek

67/ Context Menu Enhancer

Add extra functions to your mouse's right click by downloading this context menu enhancer.

Link: Context Menu Enhancer

68/ TomTom Live Traffic

Tomtom's real-time HD traffic info is now available for free on your browser.

Link: TomTom

69/ TomTom

Download Darth Vader's voice for your TomTom satnav - He directs you towards the dark side, presumably.

Link: TomTom

70/ Tonecheck

Check your emails are written in the correct tone before hitting send.

Link: Tone Check

title: Tech Websites to bookmark Part 8 / url: Tech-Websites-to-bookmark-Part-8

71/ Twileshare

Share files of up to 1GB via Twitter.

Link: Twileshare

72/ Twitreview

Review bars, cafes, restaurants, etc, on Twitter with the hashtag #twruk, then see your work at Twitreview.

Link: Twitreview

73/ TwtRoulette

View other peoples' Twitter timelines.

Link: Twt Roulette

74/ Valve

Buy and download top games for your Apple Mac using the Steam for Mac games portal.

Link: Valve

75/ Virgin Media

Access Virgin Media's beta on-demand service via a computer or mobile.

Link: Virgin Media

76/ Wolf Gang Vault

Sonos wireless multi-room music systems can now access over 3,500 live concerts.

Link: Wolf Gang Vault

77/ Wordmark

Preview fonts quickly and easily by using Wordmark. Just type to see them.

Link: Wordmark

78/ Worldsbiggestpacman

Create a level in the world's biggest user-created Pac-Man game, or just play existing ones.

Link: Worlds Biggest PacMan

#79/ Yahoo UK

Watch five-minute videos of all the weekend's Premiership action.

Link: Yahoo UK

80/ YurBuds

Get a custom-built tip that will fit any in-ear headphones for £13.

Link: YurBuds