Best tablet PCs

Top tablet devices to snare from the shelves

Is the Apple iPad the best tablet on the market? We run down the tablet PCs available to buy right now

1/ Apple iPad 2

Wi-Fi: from £429, Wi-Fi + 3G: from £529,

Love: Extra processing and graphical power. Now thinner and lighter

Hate: Same screen resolution

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T3 Star rating: 5/5

2/ Asus Eee Pad Transformer

16GB: £379, 32GB: £429,

Love: Great screen. Honeycomb OS. Great keyboard dock (£50)

Hate: No 3G connectivity. Doesn’t charge via USB

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T3 Star rating: 4/5

3/ HP TouchPad

16GB £399, 32GB £479,

Performance: A very fine example of hardware, with iPad mimicking specs. It's a joy to use. Now it just needs more apps...

Love: Speed. slickness and multitasking. Snazzy screen. iPad-matching price.

Hate: No video out or 3G. iPad and Android have a huge headstart in terms of apps.

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T3 Star rating: 3/5

4/ Motorola XOOM


Love: Speedy dual-core processor and Android Honeycomb OS

Hate: Few tablet-optimised apps

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T3 Star rating: 3/5

5/ RIM BlackBerry PlayBook

16GB: £489, 32GB: £575,

Love: Pocketable size and plush all-round feel. Solid OS

Hate: Few apps available so far. Less-than-crisp screen

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T3 Star rating: 3/5