Spotify App platform: All you need to know

The streaming wonder is all set to adopt Facebook-style apps

The Spotify press conference in New York promised to take the streaming music service into a 'new direction.' That new direction is the announcement of a new Spotify app platform. Here's what you need to know...

It's been a busy few months for the streaming music service. Spotify finally launched in the US, and has found its way onto the Boxee Box, Logitech devices and is set to land on Virgin Media Tivo boxes in the not too distant future as well. So what's next in the world of Spotify? Well, all was revealed today at a press conference in New York where we got our first glimpse at the new Spotify app platform.

Set to be integrated into the Spotify desktop application, the Swedish-based company hopes this will increase its active user base beyond the already impressive 10 million mark by introducing a new way of discovering music. To give you an idea of what to expect, here's our guide to Spotify apps

Spotify app development

Third party developers will be able to build HTML 5 apps that sit within the Spotify desktop application using what the company calls an easy to use Java script API. So it is likely that we will see apps not too different from the ones you can currently find on Facebook.

Spotify app approval

Just as Apple acts as regulator on its App Store, Spotify will similarly approve applications before opening them out to the public which should help minimize any potential security risks.

Spotify apps

With around 30 applications set to be unveiled at launch, we got our first look at the Rolling Stone app which will bring features such as editorial picks and artist playlists that will be playable through the app. Other notable apps include which beings integrated lyrics to Spotify, and Songkick concerts which makes recommendations of shows to go to based on your Spotify music collection.

Spotify apps pricing

Spotify revealed that apps will be free of charge and that they have no plans to charge as things stand at the moment. The good news is that the new integrated apps will be available for both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium users.

Spotify apps UK release date

No details were revealed as to when Spotify apps will launch in the UK or any territory for that matter, but users will be able to get a preview of the beta version of the Spotify app platform later today by clicking on the following link:

Spotify apps video

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