Best shopping apps

Our pick of the shopping app essentials

Handy apps for your iPhone, Nokia, Android or Windows Mobile smartphone to help avoid wrestling the crowds for the last Blu-ray player in stock

Tesco Grocery

Do your weekly food shop on the move with this handy app from Tesco. It syncs with your Tesco account to let you select items from your usual shopping list, or you can create your own list just for the app. Browse all groceries, book a delivery slot and checkout, all with this little app.

Platform: iPhone, Nokia
Price: Free

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Google Shopper

This Google App turns you phone into a barcode scanner, allowing you to do price comparisons on items yourself. Simply use the app to scan a barcode and Google will find various places that sell it and advise you on the cheapest. You can even speak the name of a book or film into your phone and the app will find it that way.

Platform: Android

Price: Free

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Now you can access your eBay account while you’re out and about, meaning you can never loose a bid again. This app keeps track of items you’re selling and bidding on as well as letting you browse the latest miscellaneous objects it has to offer on sale.

Platform: iPhone, Android
Price: Free

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Amazon Mobile UK

Have you ever been out shopping and found something that you wanted and then thought, ‘I’ll have a look for it on Amazon when I get home’? Well now you don’t have to wait. Simply open up the Amazon Mobile app and purchase there and then.

Platform: iPhone, Android
Price: Free

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Go Shop – Global Shopping Guide

This app for Nokia works like many restaurant Apps by using your location to find the nearest shopping places to suit your needs. Tell it what type of shopping you’re planning to do and it will tell you exactly where to go. It works in different countries too, so you'll never be stuck trying to find a place to buy a toothbrush on your travels again.

Platform: Nokia

Price: Free

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Thumb Shopper

Never forget your shopping list again with the Thumb Shopper app, which stores your grocery needs on your smartphone. Just create the list before you leave the house and then be safe in the knowledge it’s comfortably stored. You can even put your list into categories and cross things off as you go along.

Platform: Windows Mobile
Price: £1.69

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If you like the finer things in life then you’ll love this App. The online grocery app, Ocado, now lets you do you’re shopping on-the-go. So you can order your fresh, organic fruit and meat while dealing with more pertinent matters.

Platform: iPhone
Price: Free

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For all your 2-for-1 vouchers, this money-saving app uses your iPhone GPS to locate the best deals at the places nearest to you, so you don't have to rely on waiting for that forwarded email to land into your inbox before you can hit the shops.

Platform: iPhone, iPad

Price: Free

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Music shop Zavvi may have gone bust on the high street but its online shopping presence is still alive and kicking. Browse the latest music, films and games at great prices and then purchase while you’re on the move.

Platform: iPhone
Price: Free

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Red Laser

Red Laser is a genuinely amazing barcode scanner that lets you scan the barcode of almost any item and then tells you where you can buy it and for how much.

Not only that, it is one of those apps that you will find yourself showing off to your non-iPhone owning mates. Sometimes, however, the scanning is difficult to do if you are in a dark or poorly-lit room, for example.

Platform: iPhone
Price: £1.19

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