Best Retro gadgets

Blast from the past, with a modern twist

Old-school looks mix with modern tech for truly timeless results

You've finally defeated the Rubix Cube and your Atari has been played to death, now it's time to take retro to the next level. Retro doesn't have to mean outdated, more and more tech manufacturers are heading back to their design roots to bring back classic designs but with modern innards. What you've got then are four of the most desirable pieces of tech oozing with retro chic.

Retro vinyl
The vinyl resurgence is in full swing, as living in a world bereft of physical media upsets those who like holding stuff. Cue Denon’s hand-crafted DP-A100, a proper deck for real music enthusiasts. Built to mark the company’s 100-year anniversary, the servocontrolled, quartz-locked, direct-drive system powers up in 0.3 seconds. The aluminium die-cast tone arm minimises vibration.
Price: £2,250
Link: Denon

Classic cans
Despite looking like something a WW2 fighter ace might wear, Koss’ cans contain some very modern tech. The dynamic elements provide a 10-25,000 Hz frequency response, while the drivers gift rich bass and excellent noise isolation in a sturdy steel and rubber frame. Koss headphones have been used in broadcasting and recording since the originals launched four decades ago.
Price: £80
Link: Koss

Executive handset
You may retain a home phone only to speak to your Nan, but you should still have one that makes a statement. You won’t find a more stylish non-mobile phone than Jacob Jenson’s wall-mountable, stainless steel T3. It stores up to 14 speed dial numbers, has a caller ID function for 80 numbers and is PBX compatible for hooking up to your business network. It also has a rather prestigious name, of course.
Price: £95
Link: Conran

Old timer

The Flightdeck was originally designed for high-ranking Italian submarine officers – hey, it was all a long time ago, right? Let’s not mention the war – and recommissioned in 2000 using the original 1940s sketches. The “43mm” here refers to the thickness but despite its industrial girth it’s a unisex piece, constructed with considerable delicacy. Needless to say, it’s water resistant – down to 100 metres.
Price: £1,950
Link: Jura Watches

Finer photography
You can’t talk about the marriage of retro design to modern tech without mentioning Leica. The D-LUX 5 is its latest luxury camera and offers 720p HD video recording on top of the sort of superb images the German company’s name is built on. A super-fast 24-90mm lens and 10.1-meg sensor deliver the goods even in adverse lighting conditions and it’s also one of the most compact Leicas ever.
Price: £630
Link: Leica