Best New Year's Resolution apps

Kick starting your smartphone life for the year ahead

Planning to keep your New Year's Resolution this year? These are the iPhone and Android apps to keep you on top of things in 2011

365 days ago, you muttered the words, “This time I am definitely going to stick to it.” But for whatever reason that optimistic outlook for 2011 struggled to make it past January 2nd. Keeping the 2012 New Year’s resolutions a twelve month commitment can be a tall task, but perhaps the solution to seeing it all the way through could lie in the confines of your smartphone.

Whether it’s giving up the cigarettes once and for all or learning a new skill, here’s the apps to keep you on track in 2012.

New Year's Resolution: Quit smoking

After coughing and spluttering through last year and heaping praise on a Christmas turkey that might have been a shop replica for all you know, you've finally resolved to kick the cancerstick habit. The NHS Quit Smoking app keeps you motivated by tracking how much cash you've saved since quitting, and frightening you with all the usual death-stats that go with giving up paraphenalia.

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New Year's Resolution: Sort out your finances

After waking up in a post-Christmas daze in what may have been January, your last gift of the yuletide season is a letter from Halifax decidedly lacking in Christmas cheer. Get yourself out of your own personal recession with anMoney, a free bean counter for Android that tots up all your monthly bills for you.

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New Year's Resolution: Learn a new language

New research shows that foreigners actually don't find it charming when you stumble into their cafe at seven in the evening, drunk on local moonshine and bellowing an order for fish and chips. Instead, take a miniaturised language course with Babbel, which offers vocab lists, virtual flash cards and even uses your smartphone's microphone to check your pronunciation. And drunkenly ask for fish and chips properly.

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New Year's Resolution: Get fit

Fetch those double-XL jogging bottoms, still in their wrapping paper under the tree; it's time to make penance for all that brandy butter and food wrapped in bacon. Endomondo will track your progress through virtually any sport available, allow you to plan routes, record best times and upload your proudest achievements to the web, where friends and family can applaud or deride as they see fit.

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New Year's Resolution: Read more books

Christmas may be all about lolling lazily in front of the telly while a sprog fetches you another mince pie from the kitchen, but next year you've vowed to do some more 'proper' reading and abandon the defence that books only spoil the later film adaptation. Amazon's Kindle app is still the best way of reading on your smartphone, with ebooks purchasable with one click and delivered to your phone in under 60 seconds. Even more helpfully, Kindle will sync your reading progress across all your devices, meaning you can start reading on your phone, dip back in on your iPad and then finish on your PC at home.

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