Best Money Apps: The top 5

Keep your finances in order with these pocket winners

Money can be a massive hassle to keep track of - here's five ways to take away the pain and sort out your finances without having to pay an accountant. Here's the top 5 money apps available...

Bloomberg Mobile
The most famous name in financial journalism, the Nokia Bloomberg Mobile app delivers market and general news, as well as stock prices and charts. There really is a wealth of information here (arf) – you’ll get market overviews to keep you informed on the current state of play and help you stay ahead of the market.

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Even though Quick Response – or QR – codes have been around since the mid-90s, this type of ‘barcode’ hasn’t really taken off in the UK. This may all be about to change, though, especially with apps like PortaPayments. PortaPayments utilises QR technology to its full extent, acting as a code generator for those that want consumers to buy their products anytime and anywhere. The money part of it is done through PayPal, so you don’t need to worry about giving out account numbers and the like.

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Those who have used a handset sporting Symbian will know too well just how useful MoneyManager actually is. Once the app loads up, it will give you the option of thumbing in your incoming payments, your outgoings (shudder) and an overview of just what information you have given. After you’ve gone through the pain of the outgoings you do the same for incomings and, kerching, you can see just what the financial damage is month in month out.

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While keeping track of your expenses – either domestic day-to-day spending or splashing out while on work trips – is hardly the most fun thing to do in the world, it is a dull necessity. So anything that can make the chore less painful is generally welcome, which is exactly what iXpenseIt for iPhone does. Setting up your budget is a doddle (even if sticking to it might not be!) and you can then merely input your daily outgoings to keep a close eye on your spending by category. The app is also password protected and all of your information is easily backed-up, just in case you get your iPhone nicked or leave it in an unlicensed minicab after too many pints after work on a Friday night.

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Google Finance
Even if you loathe the fact that a banker’s bonus is more than you and your partner’s annual income combined, there’s something enticing about watching the peaks and troughs of the world’s stock markets in real time. Google Finance is the easiest and best app to jack you into the financial world. It won’t make you a financial guru overnight but it will help you keep track of whatever shares you may have. The app is free, but optional braces, 1980s brick phone and gold-plated Filofax will cost extra.

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