Best lawnmowers to buy

Maintaining your lawn with the ultimate mowers

If you've decided that it's time to do something about that patch of grass outside you refer as a garden, here's six of the best turf-trimmers to get your lawn looking like Premier League pitch standard.

Best for...Cordless mowing
Bosch Rotak 34 LI

Powered by a cordless, 36-volt li-ion battery and weighing 12.8kg - 50 per cent lighter than a conventional petrol mower - the Rotak 34 LI is built to easily manoeuvre tricky flower beds and will create a striped lawn, thanks to its rear roller. Bosch's Efficient Energy Management system increases running time by ten to 20 per cent and it can be fully recharged in just an hour.
Price: £220
Link: Bosch

Best for...Large gardens
Flymo Glide Master 360
Flymo's hover technology, powered by a 1,650 watt motor, means this fl oats effortlessly over your lawn, trimming in a 36cm radius as it goes. Shorn grass is collected and compacted tightly so up to 30 litres can be crammed into the bin then easily disposed of without mess - a viewing window lets you see when it's full. With a 15-metre cable, the 360 is good for larger lawns too.
Price: £120
Link: Flymo

Best for...Striped lawns
Honda HRX476QX
Ever wished you could have proper, Wembley grade stripage across your lawn? What you need is a mower with a rear roller, such as this 160cc petrol-powered Honda. It's self-propelled, which takes the backache out of gardening, and Roto-Stop means you can stop the blade but keep the engine turning over while you empty the 73-litre cuttings bag or have a cuppa.
Price: £965
Link: Honda

Best for...Huge gardens
John Deere X130R Lawn Tractor
With an 18-horsepower petrol engine this Chelsea tractor will infuriate your neighbours. With its mammoth cutting width of 107cm and a collection box capable of holding 300 litres of grass, you can trim even cricket pitch-sized lawns without breaking for tea. This improved model comes with a high back seat for greater comfort and a front bumper, just in case...
Price: £3,080
Link: John Deere

Best for...Lazy Gardeners
Mowbot 300
Position a wire around the edge of your garden and this robot lawnmower will stay within that perimeter. It's also able to sense flower beds and automatically avoid them. When its battery runs low it returns to the charging base, while an alarm and PIN code mean it's more secure than your family car. Oh, and you can programme it from your phone via Bluetooth. King of the lawns...
Price: £3,064
Link: Mowbot

Best for...Getting fit
Tertiary Hand Cylinder Mower Tryhma
Instead of using electricity or petrol, the Tryhma is a lightweight cylinder mower that relies on good old-fashioned elbow grease. Its four steel blades have a cutting width of 30cm and the cutting container can store up to 25 litres of grass. It may be an eco-friendly approach to gardening, but this mower isn't for the unfit, or large of lawn.
Price: £30
Link: DIY