Best Kinect hacks so far

T3's pick of the top 5 ways to get more from your Xbox add-on

Playing around with Microsoft's motion marvel

Launched in November 2010, Microsoft's answer to the Nintendo Wii has since been officially announced as the fastest selling consumer elecrronics ever. Six months on, and while we have been busying ourselves mastering Kinect Sports and busting a move on Dance Central, Kinect owners have been showing off their best modding skills by getting more use of the Xbox 360 add-on than just gaming.

As the Kinect hacks continue to swell almost by the day, we've selected our five favourite uses of Microsoft's motion-sensing marvel.

See the videos below for T3's best Kinect hacks so far. Agree or disagree? Let us know via Facebook and Twitter.

1/ Street Fighter IV

2/ The invisible man

3/ Kinect does Minority Report

4/ Kinect-controlled Super Mario

5/ USB rocket launcher attack

6/ How to play Poker with Kinect