Best Kinect games 2011: Top E3 2011 picks

Hardcore Kinect gaming all set for the Xbox 360

Xbox 360 games embracing Kinect in 2011

It's official; Kinect is really for everyone. When the record-breaking motion-sensing controller launched last year, it would be fair to say that the games were not to everyone's tastes. At Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference however, a raft of new game announcements suggests things are soon about to change.

Helping you get up to speed with the titles to look out for, click the link below to see the Kinect games set to give the motion-sensing marvel more gaming appeal.

Dance Central 2
(Harmonix Music Systems Inc., Microsoft Studios)
Arguably one of the most popular titles when Kinect first launched, Dance Central is back this time with simultaneous multiplayer dancing. With tracks from Usher, La Roux and Montell Jordan to cut shapes to, you'll also be able to play tracks from the first Dance Central.

Fable: The Journey
(Lionhead Studios, Microsoft Studios)
Testing your moral compass once again, Peter Molyneux announced that Fable:The Journey will embrace the power of Kinect for the first time. Set five years after Fable III, the demonstration displayed the ability to gallop along on your horse and the ability to build and throw magic at unsuspecting ogre-like creatures like the one above.

EA had previously been coy over whether they would start using Kinect, but via EA President Peter Moore, it was confirmed that the latest FIFA will integrate the technology. The latest Madden and Tiger Woods PGA Tour games will also follow suit and while details as to how it works are unclear, we hope to find out more about it in the very near future.

Forza Motorsport 4
(Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft Studios)
The slick racer is back and as we reported previously, boasts Kinect head-tracking, Kinect Voice and new social gaming elements. A release date is slated for October 2011.

Kinect Sports: Season Two
(Rare, Big Park Games, Microsoft Studios)
Most early Kinect adopters were likely to have picked up the first one, and now the second Kinect series is on the way with six new sports to play including skiing, darts, baseball and tennis. Now with voice gesture support, this should be one to get the friends around for.

Kinect Star Wars
(Terminal Reality, LucasArts/Microsoft Studios)
The trailer leaked ahead of its announcement gave us a taste, and now the LucasArts title is official. So, you can swing your light saber in the air courtesy of Kinect full-body recognition. Jedi training will never be the same.

Mass Effect 3
(BioWare, Electronic Arts)
In another episode of galactic warfare, Commander Shepherd is the man that must stop an alien race taking over the galaxy. New voice recognition technology means throughout your mission you will be able to select dialogue and set up strategies. So if it goes wrong, there's only one person to blame.

(Mojang, Microsoft Studios)
The indie block-building hit is set to join the Kinect ranks with cross functionality across PC and Xbox 360 versions amongst the features gamers can look forward to. You can expect to play Minecraft with Kinect in Winter 2011.

(Crytek, Microsoft Studios)
With ancient Rome as your backdrop, this sword-wielding melee combat title is brought to you by the chaps who gave us Crysis. The early footage suggests stunning visuals and another big step in the world of Kinect.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
(Double Fine Productions, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
Okay, so this is not what you'd call hardcore Kinect gaming but who doesn't have time for Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar and Grover and company?
The story book adventure is all about learning those important life lessons about friendship and sharing and with co-op action, you can let the little one have a go as well...

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier
(Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft)
In the latest instalment of the Ghost Recon franchise Kinect body tracking and voice recognition has been integrated, while in a special 'Gunsmith' mode you can customise your weapons from the different individual parts. The good news is that Ubisoft also announced that all future Ghost Recon titles will support Kinect.

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