Best Apple iPad 2 accessories: iPad 2 keyboards

iPad add-ons you to keep your touchscreen smudge free

Need to find the finest iPad accessories money can buy? Whether you own the iPad or iPad 2, here's our pick of the best physical keyboards to buy now

The 9.7-inch LED-backlit display on the iPad and iPad 2 is a rewarding experience for your virtual typing needs, but there are still those of us who yearn for the choice to tap away emails and documents in more familiar physical keyboard surroundings.

Helping you to get the best of the both typing worlds, we've picked six of the best ways to team up your iPad and iPad 2 with a portable, practical keyboard add-on.

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Best for… That MacBook Air look

Zaggmate case with keyboard

A well-made keyboard and durable display protection in one very Apple-looking device.

Compatible with iPad 2? No


Best for… Appearing businesslike

Keycase iPad Folio deluxe

Magnetically-sealing case offers a variety of iPad angles as well as a compact Bluetooth keyboard.

Compatible with iPad 2? No


Best for… Extreme iPadding

Menotek Flexible Mini keyboard

A dust- and waterproof, roll-up, silicon Bluetooth keyboard with a 10m range and function keys.

Compatible with iPad 2? Yes


Best for… Apple purists

Apple iPad keyboard dock

True believers take note: this aluminium-alloy board with built-in stand is made by Apple itself.

Compatible with iPad 2? Yes


Best for… Easier portability

Freedom Pro keyboard

Has five rows of fully tactile keys, 12 of them user-defined. Folds in half for transport. Clever.

Compatible with iPad 2? Yes


Best for… Creating an iLaptop


Turns your iPad into a functioning laptop, keeping the thickness to a minimum.

Compatible with iPad 2? As of June