Best headphones

Swap your tinny PMP 'phones for a serious pair of cans

If you are a fitness fiend who can't work out without music, or simply yearn for a little more audio clarity from your iPod, here's the best cans you can buy right now

1. Aiaiai TMA1
Love: Punchy bass. rugged build
Hate: Overly laidback treble and a slightly loose fit

2. B&W P5
Love: Outstanding noise isolation. Beautifully designed with soft leather earpads for unrivalled comfort
Hate: A touch expensive

3. Sennheiser HD 650
Love: Cracking sound quality and unbeatable comfort
Hate: Pricey and for indoor use only

4. Blackbox M10
Love: Compact and comfortable with effective noise cancellation
Hate: Noise cancelling causes a distracting hiss

5. Jaybird Sportsband 2
Love: Bluetooth, secure fit and built-in controls for active types
Hate: Low output level