Best handheld blenders to cook up a storm

Six of the best handy food mixers available

Handheld blenders to make you stir crazy

If the kitchen is currently an area of the house you avoid at all costs, our selection of cutting edge culinary kit may just entice you to get in the thick of the cooking action once and for all.

Read below for our pick of the best handheld blenders to cook up a storm

Best for… Tough Jobs Philips Robust Collection 1379/00
Philips’ new Robust Collection is the SAS-style heavy mob of the food prep-world, built to endure. Constructed from sturdy aluminium and stainless steel, the gun-metal grey hand blender has an XL chopper to tackle the most stubborn fruits. It’s cordless too, with a charge stand that gives an emergency 15-minute quick charge. Cheap it is not, however…
£200, | Full picture

Best for… Style Kenwood Raspberry kMIX HB791
This efficient and really rather sexy kMix comes with a 700 watt blender that lets you select from five speed settings, and comes with a whisk, dough kneaders and a mini processor for everything from salsa to grated carrot. Each attachment sits on a custom stand, and it’s also available in almond, peppercorn and coconut – those are colours, not flavours.
£90, I Full picture

Best for… Chrome lovers Dualit Hand Blender
Dualit’s multi-tasking blender has a 500 watt motor that rotates the chrome blades at 9,000 to 16,000 rpm. If your food’s putting up more of a fight, you can strim it into submission with a 17,000rpm turbo boost. Extra attachments include a whisk, beater, blending beaker and chopping bowl, and it’s finished in Dualit’s usual, fetching chrome attire, to match your toaster.
£74, I Full picture

Best for… Raw power Cuisinart Professional CSB800U
Cuisinart’s stainless steel device means business, with a beefy 800 watt motor that can reduce even the toughest vegetables to a smooth soup. As with the Dualit, a turbo button provides an extra burst of blending power should any recalcitrant root veg get “out of order”. With the usual extras – whisk, beater, chopping bowl and measuring jug – this is a solid pro’s choice.
£65, I Full picture

Best for… Value Breville VHB029 3-IN-1
This compact Breville hand blender does the standard three hand blendery things: blend, whisk and chop in a little container. It does them all exceedingly well, thanks to a 600 watt, superquiet motor with 12 different blending speeds. You also get an extra measuring jug and a plastic beaker for your minimal outlay. The Breville 3-in-1 is available exclusively at Sainsburys.
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Best for… Fans of Hell’s Kitchen Marco Pierre White by Russell Hobbs 14069
Marco Pierre White has obligingly scrawled his signature on yet another inexpensive product. This time it’s a hand blender with a detachable shaft and mixing cup, and an adjustable, 650 watt motor that’s capable of tackling most foodstuffs. If you enjoy the louche Hell’s Kitchen star, no doubt you will enjoy handling his tool.
£40, I Full picture