Best freezer: our pick of the top freezer units available

Give your frozen goods the finest home with one of these quality freezers

1. Miele FN 12827 S

Price: £850 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 257 litres | Size: H 1850 x W 600 x D 630 | Energy efficiency: A+


This premium-priced option stands at almost two metres tall and has the capacity to provide enough frozen food for a small battalion. In typical Miele fashion, build quality throughout is commendable; even the door opens with consummate ease.

There's no need to ever defrost this model because its circulated air system ensures an even temperature for all eight storage compartments and that in turn means no build up of frosty crystals. Stand this imposing model next to Miele's similarly-styled freestanding fridge unit (K 12820 SD, £775) and you'll have the best of both worlds.

2. Bosch Serie 4 (GSN33VW30G)

Price: £550 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 220 litres | Size: H 1760 x W 600 x D 650 | Energy efficiency: A++


The interior of this statuesque 220 litre freezer contains five transparent drawers including one big box for storing a large gateaux or wedding cake and two smaller closed shelves for ice trays and ice cream.

It comes with a reversible door with an air channel system that makes opening a breeze and a self deactivating SuperFreezing function for large loads of shopping. The Bosch is quite a deep unit so make sure there are no obstacles behind or it'll stick out and ruin the symmetry of your kitchen or utility room.

3. Russell Hobbs Tabletop Freezer (RHTTFZ1B)

Price: £99 | Type: Tabletop | Capacity: 32 litres | Size: H 492 x W 472 x D 450 | Energy efficiency: A+

Russell Hobbs

Unless you're an avid Iceland shopper, this cute little black bargain freezer is all you need. It's arguably the smallest household freezer on the market so you should easily find somewhere to locate it.

A very reasonable £99 buys you 32 litres of storage space which is perfect for several tubs of ice cream, some frozen fries and a few packets of frozen veg. And if you remove the single shelf, you can store even larger items. It doesn't have any mind-blowing tech on board because it doesn't need any.

If fridge space is your most important consideration but you'd still like the option to be able to freeze odd items from time to time, then this is the way to go. What's more, it's cheap as chips.

4. Samsung RZ28H61507F

Price: £699 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 277 litres | Size: H 1800 x W 595 x D 684 | Energy efficiency: A+


Samsung's True No Frost feature is said to totally eliminate all frost and icy build ups and that's ultimately what you want in a freezer.

This 277-litre hunk is clad in tactile refined steel which makes it look more expensive than it is. Inside it has five main drawers (two large), a small flapped shelf, a manually-operated ice dispenser and a couple of door-mounted trays for smaller items or perhaps even that bottle of champers you forgot to chill before the guests arrived.

The unit comes with the door hinge on the left but this can be changed by any qualified technician. Just don't try it on your own because the door itself weighs a small tonne.

5. Siemens GU15DA50GB

Price: £419 | Type: Built in | Capacity: 98 litres | Size: H 820 x W 598 x D 548 | Energy efficiency: A+


Let's face it, a fridge is far more commonly used than a freezer, so if you have the space you'd be better off having a tall-standing fridge and a small under-counter freezer for those little used but undeniably handy items like ice, frozen fries and peas, spare cuts of meat and the surplus bolognaise sauce you made for last night's Italian feast.

This built-in 98-litre model has just the right measurements to fit in amongst the kitchen cabinets. It has three pull-out drawers and a super freeze function for newly-added shopping loads. Being of Siemens origin, you can bet it will perform admirably well.

6. AEG A81000TNX0

Price: £350 | Type: Under counter | Capacity: 80 litres | Size: H 850 x W 595 x D 635 | Energy efficiency: A+


This under counter model boasts an 80-litre capacity and four decent-sized drawers. There's nothing worse than having a freezer that gets bunged up with ice.

Drawers don't close properly, valuable space is used up and, worst of all, you have to throw away everything while you wait for hours for the damn thing to defrost. And that's before you even get to start the tedious job of shovelling ice and water into a bucket.

Thankfully this freezer's NoFrost function ensures that ain't gonna happen. The AEG also has low energy consumption so consider that another bonus. And it looks ravishingly swish in all that lovely brushed stainless steel cladding.

7. Smeg 50's Retro Style Aesthetic (CVB20R)

Price: £1,229 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 170 litres | Size: H 1510 x W 600 x D 540 | Energy efficiency: A+


If you've already got Smeg's retro fridge, you may as well compliment it with this humongous freezer. It houses three transparent drawers and two flapped containers that amount to a prodigious 170 litres of storage space.

This freezer is available in either right- or left-sided door hinge configurations so bear that in mind when shopping for one. Also, because the door itself has very deep dimensions, allow the freezer to protrude at least 175mm beyond any cabinets or other obstacles or you won't be able to open it.

Finally, bear in mind Smeg's following advisory: 'Whereas every effort is made to ensure that colours are matched, those of two adjacent appliances may seem to alter under different lighting conditions.'

8. LEC CF200L

Price: £179 | Type: Freestanding | Capacity: 197 litres | Size: H 830 x W 960 x D 562 | Energy efficiency: A+


If you have an especially large family, regularly shop at Iceland or run a bed & breakfast, consider this reasonably-priced and extremely cavernous chest freezer. Mind, you'll need a utility room for it because a) it's ugly and b) it's an odd shape.

Chest freezers always have the largest capacity but this comes at the expense of practicality. The LEC has a top sliding and removable basket for smaller, regularly used items like ice cream. The main section, though, is just a huge, deep space so you can be sure you'll be doing a lot of item shuffling when looking for a specific product.