Best earphones

T3's pick of the earphones to splash your cash on

From Sennheiser to B&W, these are the in-ear 'phones you need in your life

1. Sennheiser IE 8
Love: Superb all-round sound
Hate: Could be comfier. Could also be somewhat cheaper

2. Goldring GX200
Love: Accomplished, well-rounded sound quality and great comfort, now at a rock bottom price
Hate: Nothing at this price

3. Klipsch S4I
Love: Excellent audio performance
Hate: Thin cables and plastic controls lend them a cheap feel

4. Sennheiser MM70I
Love: Solid audio performance and a stylishly understated design
Hate: The design is so understated they look like cheap bundled buds

5. Shure SE315
Love: The sound isolation is so effective it can affect your balance
Hate: Awkward to fit in a hurry and overly expensive