Best DJ headphones: Great kit for less

DJ cans that won't break the bank or your mixing flow

Proper DJ headphones by Pioneer and four bassy, dance music-friendly alternatives...

There is nothing worse than dropping a hefty amount of cash on the latest PMP only to be stuck with a pair of those shoddily tinny, in-ear headphones ruining your music collection and subjecting everyone around you to severe noise leakage.

To keep your wallet happy and not too light in your pocket, we have compiled four of the best budget headphones to give you the best from your latest personal media player. Mixing things up for those of you who are recession proof, there is also a peak at the Pioneer HGJ 2000s, a pair of high-end DJ headphones.

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Read below for the the best DJ cans to buy and four budget equivalents that should deliver all your audio needs.


Pioneer HGJ 2000
Pioneer’s new, top-of-the-range DJ headphones are custom built for life behind the decks. Optimised driver units contain a large, high-flux magnet and voice coil for better sound quality and more clearly separated frequencies, while the i-hinge design and memory foam padding give outstanding comfort. An agreeable evening of mixing it up on the ones and twos is thus assured…
Price: £260,


1/ Dr Dre Beats Solo HD
The Beats have new, improved drivers for high quality sound. Thanks to controls on the headphone cable and a built-in mic they can also double as a hands-free kit.
Price: £170,

2/ Panasonic HC700
The HC700s cut ambient noise by 92 per cent and sport 40mm neodymium-magnet drivers. The leather earpads are very comfortable and also fold up for transport.
Price: £150,

3/ Sony MDR-XB700
Massive cans with extra bass and a large 50mm drive unit for an engagingly beefy sound. A sturdy aluminium housing minimises unwanted vibrations.
Price: £100,

4/ Panasonic RP-HTX7
With a colourful, retro design and 40mm drivers the attractive RP-HTX7s produce a full-bodied sound that belies their bargain-basement price tag.
Price: £50,