Best dishwasher: our pick of the top dishwashers you can buy today

Reduce your time at the sink with one of these washers

Fed up of washing the dishes by hand? Getting a freestanding or built-in dishwasher for your kitchen means you can enjoy mealtime without having to dwell on the clean-up operation that typically comes after, allowing you to relax with a digestif and let dinner go down in style.

Here are our eight top choices of dishwasher for your home in no particular order...

1. Samsung WaterWall (DW9000H)

Price: £900 | Type: Freestanding | Size: H 845 x W 598 x D 575 | Energy efficiency: A++

Samsung WaterWall (DW9000H)


Samsung’s new method for washing dishes seems a genuine improvement over the customary spinning sprinkler system. WaterWall, as it’s intriguingly dubbed, is essentially a sprinkler bar that moves back and forth on a rail, squirting a wall of jet-powered aqua at all and sundry.

There is no escaping its wrath; even the grubbiest plate is likely to get a good seeing to, especially if the user takes advantage of the Zone Booster feature. Here, you simply select which side of the unit you want to annihilate and, voila, there go the remnants of last night’s fried egg and chips.

Another neat feature is the flexible cutlery tray that lifts out for unloading convenience. Figure in the capacity for 14 place settings, an excellent drying system and an interior display lamp that makes it look like a night club and, well, what’s not to like?

2. AEG F66602Vi0P

Price: £473 | Type: Built in | Size: H 818 x W 596 x D 550 | Energy efficiency: A++

AEG F66602Vi0P


This keenly-priced German-designed offering ups the ante in the squirt stakes by having five different spray strengths along with an extra Satellite Spray Arm that’s fitted to the end of the main arm.

This extra spray arm rotates separately, spritzing water into places a regular sprinkler might not reach. For quick mid-meal wash-ups it also features a TimeSaver function that increases the water pressure for a more efficient and faster clean; perfect for all those dirty pots and pans you used during the food prep sequence.

A bank of sensors, meanwhile, monitors the size of the load and level of filthiness so that the most optimum program can be selected, saving water and electricity in the process. And because this dishwasher features soft glass grips, you can be sure your priceless Riedel Vintage Sommeliers champagne flutes will remain intact during the deluge.

3. Miele G6260SCVi

Price: £1,150 | Type: Built in | Size: H 805 x W 598 x D 598 | Energy efficiency: A+++

Miele G6260SCVi


Miele is widely considered the Rolls Royce of domestic appliance manufacturers. Their stuff just works and invariably keeps on working; small wonder the brand regularly tops Which? surveys.

Well here’s another cool piece of Teutonic kitchen kit. This fully integrated dish cleanser is A+++ rated for efficiency (on average it uses just 6.5 litres of water per wash) and comes equipped with a height-adjustable upper basket and a top-mounted 3D cutlery tray that can be altered to allow room for the stalks of tall wine glasses below. Clever.

Even cleverer is the AutoOpen drying system: at the the end of the programme the door clicks open a smidge to allow fresh air to complete the drying process. Top drawer stuff at a top drawer price.

4. Bosch Serie 8 SMS88TW02G

Price: £689 | Type: Freestanding | Size: H 845 x W 600 x D 600 | Energy efficiency: A+++

Bosch Serie 8 SMS88TW02G


This dishwasher uses zeolites for the ‘best drying results with the highest possible energy rating’. What, you mean a horde of tiny political fanatics wielding dishcloths? No children, a zeolite is a mineral that absorbs moisture, releasing heat in return.

In a dishwasher, this means that all that steam created during the washing cycle is magically absorbed by the zeolites and, in the process, extra (naturally-created) heat is provided for the drying process. The Bosch also features a 60ËšC programme that is likely hot enough to remove even the hardest substance known to mankind, dried Weetabix. And at just 42dB, it’s extremely quiet, too.

The A+++-rated Serie 8 has the capacity for 14 place settings and features a three-stage Rackmatic system that makes it a synch to change the height of the upper basket even when fully loaded. Rackmatic. Good word.

5. Siemens iQ700 speedMatic (SN678D10TG)

Price: £839 | Type: Built in | Size: H 815 x W 598 x D 550 | Energy efficiency: A++

Siemens iQ700 speedMatic (SN678D10TG)


This new premier model from the house of Siemens is chock full of tantalising tech. The iQ700 features a number of USPs, including varioSpeed Plus which is said to complete a full crockery washing process in a third of the time, a height-adjustable top basket, a dedicated rack on the bottom shelf for 16 glasses with tall stems and an integrated door that can be opened without the need of a handle (great for handle-free kitchens).

But that’s just the basics. What piques our interest is the addition of an interior LED lighting system that turns the iQ700 into an Ibiza nightclub (sans dance mix) when opened and, get this, a timeLight display that projects the remaining time in minutes onto the kitchen floor. A whisper-quiet motor, an A++ energy rating and even distribution of detergent using Siemens’ DosageAssist feature completes an impressive dishwashing package.

6. LG D1484CF

Price: £569 | Type: Built in | Size: H 815 x W 570 x D 550 | Energy efficiency: A+++

LG D1484CF


LG’s managed to squeeze enough space in this attractive brushed-aluminium unit for a banquet of 14, though those with very large dinner plates may struggle to fit them in. This machine also boasts an A+++ energy rating which means it’ll save around £10 a year over its lower-specced competitors. It’s also as quiet as a church mouse; indeed, so quiet you may wonder if it’s actually working.

The LG uses the company’s proprietary TrueSteam steam generator to create an economical and extremely efficient blast of hot vapour that not only rapidly heats the water being squirted into the unit but helps loosen baked-on food. Steam cleaning is also beneficial for fine china items.

Finally, there’s the multi-functional program option which allows the user to select independent water jet intensity for both the upper and lower racks. Nice.

7. Neff S51M53X1GB

Price: £389 | Type: Built in | Size: H 815 x W 98 x D 550 | Energy efficiency: A+

Neff S51M53X1GB


Like most of today’s dishwashers, the Neff comes armed with a medley of descriptive terminology designed to attract the attention of gullible buyers. But, hey, who wouldn’t be attracted by such titillating innovations as EfficientSilentDrive, DosageAssist, DetergentAware, AquaSensor and AquaStop?

The reasonably-priced Neff has the capacity for 12 place settings and is Class A+ rated which means it isn’t as frugal with water and electricity consumption as others in the roundup.

Nevertheless, this built-in machine should cut the mustard from any greasy steak plate with aplomb and do so quietly. It also comes equipped with a height-adjustable top basket, a stainless steel interior and five programmes, from a 70Ëš blast to a 45Ëš quick wash.

8. Beko DSFS1531W

Price: £179 | Type: Freestanding | Size: H 850 x W 450 x D 598 | Energy efficiency: A

Beko DSFS1531W


Beko. Mmm, not a name that rolls off the tongue in appliance-land. Nevertheless, this Turkish brand is beginning to lay claim to a modest slice of the European market with a range of budget-priced products that represent excellent value for money.

Take this freestanding slimline dishwasher, for example. It doesn’t sport any bells and whistles but it does the job and does it well, albeit with a little noise in the process. The Beko is perfect for small kitchens; at just 450mm wide, you’re sure to find a space for it.

Its 10-place capacity is ample for the vast majority of occasions and you can be sure it won’t cost a fortune to run. Available in white, silver or black.