Best Digital SLRs

Five of the finest professional pic-grabbers to buy now

If you yearn for more professional-looking pictures, pick up one of these cameras for serious snappers

1. Canon EOS 600D

PERFORMANCE: Some of the best and punchiest still images you canget, thanks to a top level spec. The 600D also shoots decent full-HD footage and boasts an incredibly bright, articulated LCD screen, which allows for more creative compositions.
LOVE: brilliant stils. Very good HD video, Exemplary LCD screen
HATE: Jerky autofocus on video

2. Canon EOS 550D

Performance: the 550D serves up superb results even in low light thanks
To an ISO setting that goes up to 12,800. With full-HD video, 18 megapixels and
Pro-level specs, it’s at the top of its game

Love full-HD video and HDMI output. Speedy, accurate autofocus
Hate: No built-in image stabilisation – it’s via the lens only. No video record button

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2. Pentax K-7
Performance: Built to last, the K-7 is dust and moisture resistant, and it features pro-quality extras such as automatic horizon correction
Love: Rugged, weather-resistant build and a high resolution LCD screen
Hate: Expensive. Bulky. Video isn’t full HD

4. Nikon D3100

PERFORMANCE: The D3100 is well built, fast and responsive, with full-HD video recording at up to 24fps and a very decent kit lens system. An extensive feature guide and a reasonable price tag
make this a good choice for beginners
LOVE: 14 megapixels and great autofocus. Full-HD recording. Features guide
HATE: Video record is awkward to access

5. Sony Alpha A33
PERFORMANCE: Technically not a DSLR but a DSLT, the A33 has a translucent mirror mechanism that enables rapid autofocus and excellent response times. Produces sharp, colourful images
LOVE: Intuitive and easy to use
HATE: Expensive, with a poor battery