iCloud vs. Best cloud storage services

Apple's offering against the current top six services.

After the Apple iCloud unveiling yesterday, T3 pits the service against other cloud services to see how it fares. But who will come out on top?

With Apple's heavyweight iCloud entering the cloudserver ring, how will it fare against the six top cloud services currently out there? Let's find out, shall we?

Apple iCloud
Best for... Everything?
Will be able to back up all MobileMe, App and photo files to your iOS devices, and sync them to any others you may own. It also offers to download your iTunes library to any iOS device at no extra cost, whilst upgrading any music files you have to iTunes standard.
5GB: free, Additional storage prices as yet N/A

Best for... Filesyncing and sharing
Acts just like a folder on your PC. Stored files can be accessed on your mobile via Android/iPhone app or via a Chrome web extension.
2GB: free, 50GB: $9.99 per month, 100GB: $19.99 per month

Windows Live Skydrive
Best for... Windows Phone 7 users
If you use Hotmail this is a godsend, as it syncs perfectly with that and Office docs. You can also back up photos direct from your WP7 handset.
25GB: Free

Best for... Free capacity
Works in tandem with the stellar Zoho online word processor. The paid option gifts a desktop app, file history recovery and 24/7 support.
50GB: Free, 100GB: $13.95 per month

Google Docs
Best for... Anyone
Google’s made it so that Docs now supports any kind of file, not just office papers. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Chrome’s app store.
1GB: free, £0.15 per additional GB

Best for... Peace of mind
Memopal works on myriad operating systems including Linux – handy for netbooks. It constantly backs up your chosen data.
3GB: free, 200GB: $49 per year, 300GB: $69 per year

Best for... Price
No-nonsense storage with solid 128-bit SSL encryption when transferring files. There’s also a straightforward file-sending tool built in.
2GB: free, 100GB: $9.95 per month