Best City break survival Apps

Make your trip to the City a breeze with these Apps

If you're heading off for a weekend city break then you'd better be prepared for what's ahead, imagine swarms of people, dodgy hotels and too many restaurants to choose from. Well why not make it a bit easier with these Apps? Have a stress free journey, find the perfect hotel and eat at the best, budget restaurants around!

HRS Hotelportal

Never be stuck trying to find a decent hotel last-minute again. Just use this handy App to find the local hotels, read the reviews and find out the nightly rates. Then just kick back and relax in your warm, comfy hotel room!

Platform: Nokia
Price: Free

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This amazing App uses your phone’s camera to find amenities around you. Just hold up your phone and a layer on the screen will point put everything from shops to restaurants. Layar works particularly well in cities, mainly because there are more available amenities, and its futuristic feel never ceases to impress us!

Platform: Android and iPhone
Price: Free

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Train Times

If you want to know when the next train to wherever you’re going is then this is the App for you. Perfect for those last minute city breaks. It can also be used to check arrival times. Basically, it does what is says on the tin!

Platform: Windows Phone 7
Price: £2.19

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London Tube Deluxe

If your city break happens to be in London then this App is an absolute must-have! Possibly the best tube App out there, Tube Deluxe gives you tube status updates and even has a built in journey planner. This is App technology at its most useful!

Platform: iPhone
Price: £0.59

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Urban Spoon

This fantastic food App uses your location to find the nearest cafés, bars and restaurants along with a review for each place and details on prices. You can even search for eateries within budget, food type and area. You won’t need any other restaurant Apps if you’ve got this.

Platform: iPhone, Android, Blackberry
Price: Free

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AA – Best of Britain

No matter what city you’re in, in Britain, this App will find you all the things worth doing or seeing. So you don’t have to wonder around like a lost tourist anymore.

Platform: iPhone
Price: Free

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Shoot it!

No matter where you are in the world, use your phone’s camera to take a picture of yourself smiling like a crazy person whilst pointing at a famous landmark and then use this App to make it look like a postcard and send it to your friends and family. At least there’s a chance it’ll get back home before you do

Platform: Blackberry
Price: Free

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