Best arcade machines 2011

Six of the biggest gaming boxes to wheel into your home

Step aside PacMan, there are new kids on the block! From Paragon 3 to Sega Bass Fishing Challenge, T3 rounds up the best arcade machines 2011 has to offer

Delivering a little nostalgia into your living room, get your gaming binge started with one of these six sleek arcade offerings. Now let's be honest, no true bachelor's pad should be without one.

Best for...realistic pub feel
Paragon 3

You’ve probably poured plenty of 50 pence pieces into this machine while playing Trivia for Dummies at your local watering hole. Win big and you could buy your own. Boasting a generous 23-inch colour screen the Paragon 3 supports GamePack Smart which gives you free, automatic games updates and comes supplied with 13,500 credits (worth 50p each).

Best for...macho men

Ensure that no women will ever visit you again by plonking this games machine in your lounge. It takes you through the first three Rambo movies using a mix of computer graphics, movie footage and two BF machine guns, while a “Rage Mode” makes you completely invincible, for greater ease of completion. At £11,000, this is an affordable extravagance that everyone can enjoy. Ahem.

Best for...Bass addicts
Sega Bass Fishing Challenge

Go fishing in Britain and you’ll all too often return cold, wet and with a nagging feeling of ennui. Stuff that for a game of soldiers and get Sega’s Bass Fishing instead, then play individually or in teams of four without ever having to don a pair of waterproof trousers again. There’s no virtual rod though, alas. Instead you use the trackball to cast, lure and retrieve your big catch.

Best for...smaller spaces
Arcade Baby Multigame

If you’ve got limited space or budget, or are simply a bit lame, why not try the Arcade Baby? Standing just 20 inches tall, it’s a more manageable table-top system, but it’s still stuffed with 154 games, including such acknowledged classics as Power Soccer, Ninja and Pinball. The ten-inch TFT screen is rudimentary and the build plasticky, but there again it is relatively cheap.

Best for...retro games
Galaxy Cosmic

Turn the clock back to the 80s with this arcade games cabinet that includes 60 timeless classics from Nintendo, Sega, Midway and Konami, including Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. The graphics may be less than cutting edge, but the twitch-gaming mayhem remains dangerously addictive. Set it to coin operation mode and it makes an entertaining piggy bank, too.

Best for...two players
Arcade Mania Sit-Down Game Machine
This games machine also doubles as a glasstopped coffee table, more than justifying its hefty price tag. Among the 150 dual-player favourites are Asteroids, Street Fighter and the button-pounding classic that is Track and Field. Shell out an extra £70 and you get the waspishly stylish, matching chrome stools.