Best apps to download for Bonfire Night

Helping you make the most out of Guy Fawkes Night

Whether you are hosting a back garden fireworks extravaganza or leaving it to the professionals, here's the app essentials you need to make your November 5th celebrations go off with a bang


Yes, there are loads of camera apps out there for the iPhone but this has to be one of the best. Camera+ helps you to frame your shot perfectly and even boasts image stabilization.

Platform: iPhone
Price: £1.19

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iMovie is perfect for bringing together all the photos and videos you take on the night. You can edit your shots and then pull them together into a mini movie adding everything from visual effects to music.

Platform: iPhone
Price: £2.99

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Car Locator

If you’re planning to head to a public display of rockets and Catherine wheels you probably don't want to park miles away from the event. Car Locator helps you find your car at the end of the night to avoid stumbling around in the dark.

Platform: Android
Price: £2.48

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The augmented reality app allows you to use your phone’s camera to see what’s around you. Just hold up your smartphone and get a layered image on the screen displaying real-time digital information like where the nearest restaurant, bars etc are located. Especially handy when you need to find the toilets.

Platform: iPhone, Android, Samsung Bada
Price: Free

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Giving you the most up-to-date and accurate reports available, you can be prepared for whatever weather Bonfire Night throws at you. It works all over the world, so if you are heading far and away for a fireworks display you’ll know whether to pack your umbrella.

Platform: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Ovi, Samsung Bada, iPad
Price: Free

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Mobile Aid

Fireworks plus children equals potential accidents. Mobile Aid helps you treat every kind of injury, helps you identify causes and symptoms, and provides advice on how to stay calm in the process. It's a medical must-have.

Platform: Samsung Bada
Price: Free

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Grill Timer

If you’re putting on a party this Bonfire Night then it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t provide your guests with some hotdogs and burgers to tuck into. The Grill Timer app, let's you simply select which food you are cooking which then starts the timer, helping you avoid a round of burgers extra well done.

Platform: iPhone
Price: £0.59

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