Best apps of 2010

T3's pick of the year's application essentials

iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad apps we've loved over the last twelve months. These are, without doubt, the best apps across all formats for 2010. What are you waiting for? Get downloading...

Another year and another stellar collection of apps for the smartphone owners of the world to play with. Below we've picked out our favourites across the four big platforms: apps that we feel are the best presented, most productive, most fun and best value out of the hundreds of thousands clamouring for your attention.

And if these still aren't enough, there's always the T3 App Chart to refer to.

Best paid-for Android apps | Best free Android apps | Best Android games
The fastest-growing mobile OS in the world and arch nemesis of the ubiquitous Apple iPhone, Google's Android OS also boasts the quickest-expanding collection of apps on any platform. Keep on top with our pick of what's hot.

Best 60 iPhone apps | Best free iPhone apps I Best iPhone 4 apps I Best iPhone games
Reigning champ of the T3 smartphone pile, Apple's App Store for iPhone is still far ahead of its competitors in the number of apps available for download. These, for our money, are the best available.

Best paid-for iPad apps | Best free iPad apps I T3 iPad magazine edition: Download nowStill the best tablet money can buy, the iPad runs most iPhone apps and has already attracted huge developer interest in its own right. Whether its turning your iPad into a musical instrument or browsing T3's own rather snazzy iPad edition, we've got the lowdown on the top iPad apps.

Best free BlackBerry apps
The suited-and-booted businessman's best friend, the BlackBerry App World isn't as well populated as Apple or Android's alternatives, but that doesn't mean there aren't a slew of juicy applications for beefing up the business community's favourite mobile platform.

Want more apps? Then check out the T3 App Chart for reviews, screenshots and ratings across all mobile platforms.