title: Best iPhone apps 2012 / url: Best-iPhone-apps-2012


Little Black Book of Apps: iOS



iCurrency Pad

Super-quick calculator cum-currency converter keeps itself up to date with world exchange rates, with everything from pounds sterling to guinean francs covered.

Price: £0.69 (or 53 rupees)




London 2012

Everything you could ever wish to know about the 2012 Olympics in one app. Every event, venue and gold medal Britain will fail to win, right at your fingertips.

Price: £0.69





Browse videos and seemingly endless photo galleries from the world’s catwalks, with a dedicated men’s fashion tab for dapper chaps.

Price: Free




Quickscan Pro

Snap a code on the side of any product and Quickscan takes to the web to ferret out the best possible price for online purchase. That’s sure to make you popular in Selfridges.

Price: £0.69





Convert your iPhone into an oversized touchpad and even keyboard for your PC. Leaving the couch just became unnecessary…

Price: £1.49



Home Improvement

iHandy Carpenter

With its accelerometer, the iPhone was almost specifically built to be used as a spirit level (and nothing else). iHandy offers this and other nifty DIY tools, including a pendulum, ruler and, er, compass.

Price: £1.49





Never buy a mag again – except ours, obviously. Download whole issues of your favourites and pinch-to-zoom your way through them. Yes, we are on there, if our official T3: iPad Edition is too video- and extras-packed for you.

Price: Free




3D Brain

A spinnable 3D model of the inside of your noggin. explore everything from the corpus callossum to the Broca’s area and the frontotemporal lobe before even considering going ahead with your long-planned home trepanation.

Price: Free





Takes two photos at different exposures and blends them for optimum light balance – dark foregrounds are brightened but without it making the sky appear as if the sun has supernova’d, for instance. Much better than the iPhone’s builtin HDR function.

Price: £1.49





Magically converts airline confirmation emails into information like departure time, gate and seat number for easy, panic-free check-in.

Price: Free