title: Best apps for cars / url: Best-apps-for-cars


Little Black Book of Apps: In-car apps


Ford Sync & Applink

Conjoin your smartphone to your car’s computer, then use mobile apps via the dashboard, steering wheel buttons or voice recognition.

Price: Free



Audi Google Earth

Know where you are, wherever you are, as built in to the A7 Sportback, powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip.

Price: Free



Dash Command

Uses your smartphone’s accelerometer and GPS to provide a virtual dashboard, showing everything, from engine speed to time travelled in each gear.

Price: £34.99 iTunes; £19.11, Android Market



Onstar remoteLinkapp

Gives you magical powers over your Chevrolet. Scare people with your horn, lock and unlock your doors and check your fuel and oil levels remotely.

Price: Free