title: Best Windows Phone 7 apps Part Two / url: Best-Windows-Phone-7-apps-Part-Two




Ministry of Sound

Fan of the Elephant and Castle-based super club? Want to check out pictures of you “having it” last night? You can with this slick package, and it offers a plethora of radio stations playing the latest “rinsing flavas”, too.

Price: Free



Time Waster

The Impossible Game

Very hard yet also very simple, a bit like Vinnie Jones, this is as addictive as chocolate coated crack swaddled in bubble wrap. Hours will perish as you navigate a block through a 2D platform.

Price: £0.79



Epic Game

The Harvest

A wide-ranging, 3D sci-fi RPG with graphics that show off the power of your Windows Phone and the sort of longevity that’ll have you playing for months on end.

Price: £5.49





Struggling to keep up with all the news feeds around? Add content from the biggest publishers to the most mentally ill bloggers, and view it all in one of the slickest uis Windows Marketplace has to offer.

Price: Free




All Recipes Dinner Spinner

Whether you’re more Heston Blumenthal or Heston Services, this Russian Roulette of nosh lets you choose from thousands of recipes at the spin of a virtual wheel.

Price: Free




QR Business Card

At a crucial meeting and forgotten your business card? avert disaster and give the illusion of competence with this app, which creates a QR code to supply your details. it supports multiple identities – handy if you’re a terrorist or spy.

Price: Free




WNM Live

Like ChatRoulette without the fear of genitals, this lets you talk anonymously to other WP users over 3G or Wi-Fi. You can share local links and favourite non-crazies for further chatting.

Price: Free




SuperTube HD

Lets you watch or download HQ and HD YouTube videos on the go, with Zune syncing.

Price: £0.99




Pocket Recorder

Start recording with one touch from the start menu, tag photos with sounds or create ringtones from your ramblings. A must-have.

Price: £0.79





Keep up with the lingo of the next world superpower with this straightforward, interactive Chinese language app. audio and video help you along the path to enlightenment.

Price: Free