title: Best PC and Mac apps / url: Best-PC-and-Mac-apps


Little Black Book of Apps: PC and Mac apps


Desktop Curtain

Overlays wallpaper to hide everything on your desktop. Handy for screen grabs.

Price: £1.19, Mac



Call recorder for Skype

Record video calls and share them with friends.

Price: $19.95, MaC




Recover (see what they did there) files deleted from your PC’s trash, camera or MP3 player.

Price: Free, PC




This forgotten gaming gem from Tim “Day Of The Tentacle” Schafer is the perfect blend of platforming and puzzling.

Price: £6.99, Mac




App that rids your PC of any sensitive info by repeatedly overwriting till it’s all a big, unintelligible mess. For when you have to nuke the site from orbit – just to be sure.

Price: Free, PC