title: Best BlackBerry apps Part Two / url: Best-BlackBerry-apps-Part-Two





TuneIn radio

Your iPhone-owning chums may crow about TuneIn, but it’s actually on BlackBerry, too, offering scads of searchable stations in categories from easy listening to deathcore.

Price: Free



Time Waster

Dragon Fire

Starts off as a gentle exercise in guiding coloured orbs to their destination, but quickly becomes tricky. Fiendishly addictive, it’s a perfectly executed afternoon stealer.

Price: £1



Epic Game

Final Fantasy

More “Initial Fantasy” really, as this is part one of the massively sprawling, classic RPG series. Craft your team from six character classes, then shank Earth Fiends with gay abandon.

Price: £5




RSS Guru

A simple, easy-to browse interface complete with picture thumbnails. Comes with feeds from the BBC, CNN et al and you can paste in URLs to add your own faves.

Price: £2




Patrik’s Easy Cooking

This doesn’t just let you search for recipes by keyword or browse for types of cuisine, but also tempts you with sumptuous-looking photography and a favourites feature.

Price: £3





A gloriously simple, paperless way to keep track of working time and/or mileage, via the timr.com web service.

Price: Free





This powerful Twitter client offers cross posting to Facebook and the ability to update your BBM status, as well as an Inner Circle feature for seeing tweets from those who fascinate you most.

Price: Free




Player for YouTube

Get access to the video king’s best features in a B-Berry-tailored stylee. View channels, search and bookmark videos, share them and play them in high quality, too.

Price: Free





The ultimate organisation tool syncs with your other devices over the cloud. Upload text notes and image reminders, record voice memos and access your stored notes seamlessly from just about anything with electricity in it.

Price: Free




UK Car Driving Theory Test

Reduce driving-test stress with this little baby, which sets mock tests including actual questions the DSA may ask. You can also revise specific topic areas, when I tap the dashboard…

Price: £6