title: Best BlackBerry apps 2012 / url: Best-BlackBerry-apps-2012


Little Black Books of Apps: BlackBerry



Money for BlackBerry

Keep track of your personal finances with scheduled transactions and multiple accounts making it easy to monitor wonga levels. Also converts currencies.

Price: £10




ESPN Goals

Get highlight clips, live scores and match stats from Premier League games right as they happen, with whole match highlights and round-up clips soon after the final whistle.

Price: Free




Fashion News service by 360 Fashion

Get the most fabulous style articles from the fash-biz, with BBM features in OS7, as well as offline storage and background updates. Balancing on couture’s cutting edge has never been simpler.

Price: Free




Sccope UK

BlackBerry’s scan and-price-check app is distinguished by a wish list that monitors prices longer term as they (hopefully) drop, and a name that looks like it’s spelled wrong.

Price: Free





Sort your tasks into projects, enable due dates and reminders for them, tag them by colour for sorting, and even mark them at different levels of completion. A life-saver for the scatter-brained.

Price: Free


Home Improvement

Home Improvement Checklist

Never forget essential DIY equipment or materials with this app, which lets you easily create checklists and group them by job.

Price: £2





This Kindle alternative offers a sterling range of books, while its e-reader side lets you adjust the font so you can read clearly even on smaller screens.

Price: Free





Enter information such as allergies, blood type and next of kin into this app, and keep it on your home screen. Simple and clear, as it should be. Name stands for “In Case of Emergency” and not, as you might have thought, “Igloo Containing Elephants”.

Price: Free





A+ Picture Effects and Photo Editor

Customisable tools, fi lters and effects for your BB’s snaps. You need a newer handset if you want speedy processing, but the results are worth the wait on older ones.

Price: £1





With live departure boards for London Underground and DLR stations, and a constantly updating screen detailing common transport problems such as “person under train”, “wrong type of dust on tracks” and “runaway horses blocking signals”.

Price: Free