title: Best Android apps Part Two / url: Best-Android-apps-Part-Two





Recommends music based on what people are blogging about. As a result you can impress people at parties by talking at them about your love for top new artistes Scragnugget, DJ Plum and Zyyxxyl 37.

Price: Free



Time Waster

Flick Golf Extreme

Tee off from canyons, fighter jets and icebergs, in this game of quite literally crazy golf. It’s from the folks behind the truly immense Flick Kick Football.

Price: £1.49



Epic Game

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Amazing first-person shooter with 12-player multiplayer mode and graphics that make most other mobile games look like Snake and finally justifies the investment in a dualcore handset.

Price: £4.99




Tech City

Keeps you up to date on the government’s Tech City initiative of startups and companies around Old Street’s Silicon Roundabout in east London. Invaluable for tech groupies and movers and shakers.

Price: Free




170,000+ Recipes BigOven

As the name suggests, over 170,000 recipes on your phone, with a recession-busting, waste-reducing mode that suggests what to make with leftovers.

Price: Free





Now, not only can you send large files from your phone, you can sign documents, modify files and save them in the cloud, too. Free (sub required to send files larger

than 50MB)

Price: Free





Like Twitter, but built around specific interests rather than an endless stream of disparate guff. You can share on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Price: Free




Escape and Control

Jon Ronson’s acclaimed, ongoing documentary series about the dark forces trying to control the internet. At time of writing there were six episodes, but look out for more soon.

Price: Free




Awesome! Notifier

Not a great looker, but does let you reply to texts straight from a locked screen, so handy if you’re busy.

Price: Free




My day with WH Words

Uses a story to encourage kids with autism and Down’s syndrome to talk about their day. Also helps with other conversational skills.

Price: £1.93