title: Hottest apps to download in 2012 / url: Hottest-apps-to-download-in-2012


Rayman Jungle Run

An addictive take on the Canabalt style endless runner genre that manages to channel the lush graphics and platforming complexities of the full-fat Rayman Origins into a succession of star-searching, touchscreened, one-input levels for two quid.

Price: £1.99 | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android | Download Rayman Jungle Run iPhone app | Download Rayman Jungle Run Android app




Think Google, but for Wikipedia. You can pull up Wiki-entries based on your geographic location, search terms or shake your phone for a random page.

Price: £1.99 | Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch | Download Articles iPhone app



The iPad version of Supergiant’s bewitching XBLA adventure hit looks absolutely stunning, and does total justice to the hand-painted world.

Price: £2.99 | Platform: iPad 2/New iPad | Download Bastion iPad app


Quark DesignPad

Create business cards, posters and more on your iPad using a wide range of templates, then share them instantly with friends and colleagues.

Price: Free | Platform: iPad | Download Quark DesignPad iPad app



Microsoft’s answer to iCloud gets an app in time for Windows 8. Upload, download, share and manage all your folders from your Android device.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download SkyDrive Android app



The iPlayer of audio, the internet radio app has had a revamp since its launch in 2011 with a slick new interface, a station scroller feature and access 300 UK radio stations including your favourite ones from the Beeb. An Android version thankfully is on the way.

Price: Free | Platform: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch | Download RadioPlayer iPhone app


Roller Casino

Bringing a bit of Vegas to your iOS device, the real-money casino app has been optimized for the Apple smartphone and tablet with 19 iconic games to win big including roulette, blackjack and video poker. One registration is needed to play across devices and if you sign up now, you’ll get £5 to get you started.

Price : Free | Platform: iPad and iPhone | Download Roller iPhone app


Popcorn Player

This pop-up video playback app supports multiple formats, can play in multiple windows and you can even resize it with a pinch.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Popcorn Player Android app


5-A-Side Finder

Find a 5-a-side pitch anywhere in the UK. Track one down by geographic location or availability, grab contact details and get your game on.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5 | Download 5-A-Side Finder Windows Phone app



Full-length movies and TV shows streamed to your WP7 device. Adds twenty films a month. They’re rarely new or noteworthy, but they’re free.

Price: Free | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5 | Download Crackle Windows Phone 7 app


Sooner or Later

A to-do list for procrastinators. Split your tasks into “sooner” and “later” categories, as well as schedule weekly tasks like “no food in, order pizza”.

Price: £1.29 | Platform: Windows Phone 7.5 | Download Sooner or Later Windows Phone 7 app



Another pretender to Instagram’s throne, this image app lets you adjust your pics with 14 filters before sharing across social networks.

Price: Free | Platform: BlackBerry 5.0+ | Download Molome BlackBerry app


Angry Birds Seasons

The T3 office is in a festive mood, with our Christmas Gift Guide due out next month. Prepare with 200 new seasonal Angry Birds levels.

Price: Free | Platform: PlayBook 1.0+ | Download Angry Birds Seasons PlayBook app


Stick Tennis

If you’ve played Stick Cricket, expect to lock yourself away in a cupboard again with the tennis version. There’s six different modes of fluid racket action that is guaranteed to induce Mcenroe-style outbursts. But in a good way.

Price: Free | Platform: PlayBook 1.0+ | Download Stick Cricket PlayBook app