title: Best apps to download in September / url: Best-apps-to-download-in-September



Avoid costly overseas roaming charges with offline maps and points of interest for 120 cities worldwide. Add your own gems as you find them.

Platform: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch | Price: Free | Download Stay.com app


Paddy Power

Don’t trust big Raymundo? Find out the real-time odds for the game you are watching on the TV by aiming the phone camera directly at the screen and increase your chances of big payout.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch | Price: Free | Download Paddy Power app



Follow the threads of your music and discover the artists that have sampled or remixed your favourite tunes. A guaranteed trove of love/hate tracks.

Platform: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch | Price: £1.99 | Download WhoSampled app


Barchick Drinking Holes

Barchick specialises in bars with character, so whether you want something specific or just something nearby, you won’t end up in ’Spoons.

Platform: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch | Price: Free | Download Barchick Drinking Holes app


Secret DJ

Find pubs and bars with music that is more to your taste with this GPS powered app that also let's you choose the tunes in selected Secret DJ venues across London and Brighton. Pick enough dancefloor fillers and you will be annointed Secret DJ of the bar. Throw on some Kajagoogoo and you can never show your face again.

Platform: Android | Price: Free | Download SecretDJ Android app



This passive auto journal records every aspect of your mobile device usage, so you have full, searchable access to texts, comments, calls et al.

Platform: Android | Price: Free | Download Friday app



Speak into your phone and this turns your prose into hip-hop gold. Alternatively, rap along to your favourite tunes and it’ll fix your flow.

Platform: Android | Price: Free | Download AutoRap app


Great Big War Game

This ace-looking touchscreen, turn-based strategy lark features cross-platform online multiplayer and a huge single player campaign.

Platform: Android | Price: £1.99 | Download Great Big War Game app



More than 15 million tracks are on offer, with social features, access to weekly genre charts and new releases... sound familiar? Rdio sure has a similar sub structure to its rival, yet puts more influence on what your friends are listening to, with a cool and calm design for those tiring of old Spotters’ dingy and archaic interface.

Platform: Android | Price