Best Apple iOS 5 tips

Secrets that help you unlock iOS 5's full potential

With iOS 5 containing hundreds of new features it's easy to feel adrift on the ocean that is Apple's new smartphone OS, fear not intrepid OS user here are some tips to keep you on top of it all

So you’ve upgraded your Apple iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or iPod touch to iOS 5 – what do you do next? Well firstly you gaze at its wonderous new-look, ok maybe not, but what you do have on offer are hundreds of very discerning but incredibly useful features and apps on offer. To keep on top of all these T3 has come up with the top tips that keep you in control of Apple iOS 5.

1 Never miss an appointment again with iCloud
Using iCloud, Apple’s free online storage and sync system, you can keep all your calendars in sync between multiple devices: your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC and Mac. To enable iCloud on your device, tap Settings > iCloud and sign in with the same Apple ID you use to buy apps and music. Now, whenever you add an appointment to your iCloud calendar, it’ll appear on all devices you’ve linked to that account.

2 Instant camera-taking
When you want to take a photo or video quickly, you don’t want to be messing around tapping in your passcode or swiping through your apps to find the camera one. So when your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen is off, double-tap the Home button and you’ll see a camera symbol appear next to the Unlock slider. Tap it for instant access to the Camera app. The rest of your phone remains safely locked away until you enter your passcode.

3 Link multiple email addresses to iMessage
If you’ve got several email addresses, you can use each and every one to receive free iMessages from other iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. To set them up, go into Settings, tap Messages > Receive At, then tap Add Another Email….

4 Quickly reply to messages
When a message appears on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s Lock screen, swipe the icon next to it from left to right. This’ll take you directly to the screen where you can reply to the message.

5 iOS 5 multi-tasking
If you’ve got an iPad 2, you can switch between your apps faster than ever. Swipe sideways on the screen with four or five fingers to switch between apps. Pinch five fingers together to jump back to your Home screen, showing all the app icons. And swipe upwards with four or five fingers to bring up the multitasking bar, allowing you to switch to recently used apps, or the volume and brightness controls.

6 Tabbed browsing
You’ve always been able to keep several browsing windows open in the Safari browser, but iOS 5 brings tabbed browsing to the iPad, just like you get on your PC or Mac’s browser. Tap the + just below the Search bar in Safari to create a new tab.

7 Check what’s hogging your space
As you pile more and more music, video and apps onto your iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or iPod Touch, sooner or later, space is going to run out. When it does, iOS 5 lets you find out exactly what’s hogging it. Tap Settings > General > Usage, and look under Storage: the most space-hungry things are listed at the top.

8 Flag your emails
When someone sends you an email that requires further action later, you can now Flag it for your attention in the iOS mail app. With the message showing, tap Mark > Flag, and a red flag will appear alongside it. If your email account is synced to other devices, via iCloud, Exchange, Gmail or another system, the flag will appear across the board.

9 iTunes Wi-Fi Sync
Now there’s no need to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your PC or Mac with a wire – syncing can all be done over Wi-Fi. You need to enable it by connecting over USB once: tick the box marked “Sync with this iPad/iPhone/iPod over Wi-Fi” in the Summary tab in iTunes. Now, every time your iOS device is plugged into the mains and the screen’s off, and both it and your computer are connected to the same network over Wi-Fi, they’ll sync.

10. T3 iPad App/
Last but not least, head over to iTunes and grab the T3 iPad app, delivering the hugely successful iPad version of T3 straight to your iPad or iPad 2 the app will let your subscribe and also gives you the chance to download a free preview copy so you can see just how good it really is. Got an iPhone 4S or iPod Touch, well why not set as a bookmark icon on your homescreen, just tap the 'Share' button and then tap 'Add to Homescreen'.

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