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Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Post-apocalyptic zombie survival game with a classic, 8-bit fl avour and a faithfully recreated retro beepy soundtrack. Win all round.

Price: £1.91 | Platform: Android | Download Organ Trail: Director’s Cut


Easy Voice Recorder Free

Turns your smartphone into a basic Dictaphone. Start it up and you’ll soon be taping conversations covertly for use in future arguments.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Easy Voice Recorder Free Android app



The speediest browser in the West, this take on Firefox 15 is tablet optimised, so tedious loading and erratic streaming are history.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Firefox Android app


Budweiser Man of the Match

Using Aurasma augmented reality technology, simply aim your camera at special edition cans of Bud and before your eyes, you’ll be drinking out of the famous FA Cup silverware. Well, a virtual one.

Price: Free | Platform: Android and iOS | Download Budweiser Man of the Match Android app


Bad Piggies

After Amazing Alex, Rovio goes back to what it knows best giving those Angry Birds some time off and giving the green piggies centre stage in the puzzler where you need to safely negotiate the hogs from A to B by building a suitable carriage. It’s tougher, but has many of the addictive traits to making it good company on the way to work.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Bad Piggies Android app | Bad Piggies Android app review