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So you’ve seen the launch stories, read the hype, and wonder what the World Cup or maybe Avatar in 3D would look like in your living room.

Well, wonder no longer with T3’s handy cut-out and keep guide to the best 3DTVs on the market right now:

Samsung 9000 series 3DTV

Sitting at the top of Samsung’s 2010 TV range, the 3D ready 9000 Series, the UE55C9000 has had us salivating since its unveiling at the January CES. A wafer-thin design and stunning touchscreen remote control (pictured) means it's clearly a class above its Samsung UE46C7000 sibling, and an altogether flashier affair than the Panasonic P50VT20.

Samsung 9000 series 3D TV review | Samsung 9000 series pictures | Best 3DTV reviews, news and features

Samsung UE55C8000 3DTV

Part of the first generation of 3D TVs, the Samsung UE55C8000 is a 55-inch LED TV packed with features: and we’re not just talking about its Active Shutter 3D technology. This full HD 1080p TV is also one of the thinnest 55-inch models around, sports a raft of technical wizardry to improve picture quality, features media playback and lets you access web widgets.

Samsung UE55C8000 3DTV review | Samsung UE55C8000 3DTV pictures | Best 3DTV reviews, news and features

Panasonic P50VT20 3D TV

Hot on the heels of Samsung’s first foray into the third dimension, the UE46C7000, comes this debut screen from Panasonic. Unlike rival models, such as the Sony HX903 and LG LX990 the Panasonic P50VT20B uses plasma technology. The P50VT20It has a classic, conservative look, very different to the flashier Samsung sets.

Panasonic P50VT20 3DTV review | Panasonic P50VT20 3DTV pictures | Best 3DTV reviews, news and features

Samsung UE46C7000 3DTV review

The UE46C7000 was the first 3D television available to buy - as well as supporting full HD, it allows you to watch 3D Blu-ray movies, play 3D games and view Sky’s upcoming 3D broadcasts. It’s hard not to be impressed by Samsung’s slither of technology. Its designers have flattened the panel to a “finger thin” 27mm that makes its rivals look decidedly chunky.

Samsung UE46C7000 3DTV review | Best 3DTV reviews, news and features

Toshiba CELL ZX900 TV

The Toshiba CELL TV, which will come in 55 and 65-inch models, was unveiled at CES 2010 to much fanfare at an extremely 3D TV-heavy show, promising to help fill the huge content gap as the next-gen tech looks set to enter homes for the first time in 2010.

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