title: How not to fall foul of the Germany censorship Index / url: How-not-to-fall-foul-of-the-Germany-censorship-Index


How not to fall foul of the Germany censorship Index


1. Technology should not have a clear impression of similarity in design to anything on the market.


2. No media that portrays vigilantism should suggest it is the only proven way to enforce justice.


3. Media should not portray young people making their lives better through the excessive consumption of alcohol.


4. The victims of violent action should predominantly be fictional creatures borrowed from mythology, such as aliens, menacing snakes, or dinosaurs.


5. Music lyrics should not describe rampant violence as a reaction to a seemingly hopeless world.


6. Brutal violence and killing should not be portrayed on an epic scale.


7. Media should not portray violence as a means to increase social prestige.


8. Media should not have a “spooky” or “bloody” atmosphere; children and adolescents shouldn’t be exposed to such an atmosphere because any violence contained in that environment has a greater emotional impact.