Angry Birds creator Rovio reveals future plans

Rovio's Angry Birds creator Peter Vesterbacka reveals what's next for the chart topping app

Rovio's Angry Birds, the iTunes chart topping Apple iPhone and iPod Touch multi-format app, is one of the most downloaded games of 2011. But where do you go from there? We talk to Peter Vesterbacka, the brains behind everyone's favourite bird-slinging app, on past successes and future ideas...

What’s the secret to building a winning app? How do you top a huge success such as Rovio's Angry Birds app, which recorded over 10m downloads in it's opening 10 days? How do you cope with buyout offers from uber-companies? These are just some of the obvious questions that spring to mind when you mention Rovio's successful entry into the overcrowded Apple iTunes app market with its chart-topping game Angry Birds.

T3 recently caught up with the app studio's Peter Vesterbacka on its future moves and why Rovio believes Angry Birds was such a storming success. Can they possibly top their previous monstrous win? Watch the video interview below to see if the app business looks like your cup of tea:

Video: Angry Birds' creator Rovio talks to T3