Amazon Kindle Fire: How the tablet will change the game

The slate set to re-write the rulebook

As the launch of the tablet being dubbed the 'Amazon Kindle Fire' nears, we give you 5 reasons why we think it'll be a genuine Apple iPad rival

The Amazon press conference kicks off at 3pm UK time which by the end of it, we anticipate Jeff Bezos in a Jobs-esque manner to officially unveil the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

Amazon tablet rumours have been brewing for months and if as expected the online retail giant does unearth its first slate, many believe it could be the first genuine threat to the Apple iPad.

How will it give the 'revolutionary' Apple tablet a run for its money? Here's why we think the Amazon Kindle Fire will be a real tablet game-changer.

1. Price
It’s been reported that it will cost just $250 (£156) when it launches in the US this year – half the price of the entry-level iPad. This should enable it to catch up with Apple’s sales quickly.

2. Screen
It won’t use black and white e-ink, as the Kindle reader does. Many have claimed that it will be a full-on multi-touch LCD panel, for easy browsing, tune scrolling and the like.

3. Operating system
While Amazon is using Android as the basis for its tablet’s OS, it’s claimed the UI is utterly unique, aping Apple’s Cover Flow, with little sign of Google’s OS peeping through.

4. Content
Amazon’s music, ebook and app services will put the Kindle tablet in a position to challenge the iPad’s all-round content package and ecosystem. Finally, iTunes has a rival.

5. Cloud services
With allegedly just 6GB of storage, the Kindle tablet will be all about the cloud. Cloud Player is perfect for playing tunes, while movies may come from Amazon Instant Video Player.

6. Marketing frenzy
You’ll be damn sure Amazon will use every page on its websites to flog it, and may even give away Amazon Prime – offering free delivery and more – to tablet buyers.