title: 2011: A Year in Review May / url: 2011-A-Year-in-Review-May

2011 Tech year in review: May


Microsoft announces it has agreed a deal to buy Skype for $8.5 billion in cold, hard cash. Its promise not to ruin Skype inspires huge confidence

Reports Stateside claim that Facebook hired a PR company to smear Google. 400 people “like” this

Audi announces plans to launch the R8 e-tron, its first fully electric car. It arrives in late 2012. The word “étron” is French for “turd”, interestingly

After a staggering 275 days atop of the App Store charts, Angry Birds loses its number one slot to less-wellknown game The Heist

Google unveils its NFC-based mobile payment scheme called Google Wallet. The US-only scheme begins a trial in New York and San Francisco in September