title: 2011: A Year in Review June / url: 2011-A-Year-in-Review-June

2011 Tech year in review: June


The Motorola Atrix, crowned number one in the annual T3 Hot 100 gadgets, launches

Steve Jobs’ last ever keynote reveals online storage locker iCloud, the iTunes Match music subscription service, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion

The E3 gaming expo in LA sees Nintendo’s Wii U unveiled with a six-inch touchscreen tablet/joypad thing that confuses all attending. It’ll go on sale in 2012

Following a 15-year delay, Duke Nukem Forever is released. Everyone hates it

Microsoft releases an SDK for Windows to allow developers to create motion-based tools and apps via Kinect

The Samsung Chromebook, the first laptop to run Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS, reaches UK shops

Google+ gets 20 million sign-ups while still invite only. Interest subsequently wanes a tad