title: 2011: A Year in Review February / url: 2011-A-Year-in-Review-February

2011 Tech year in review: February


Android Honeycomb is officially unveiled. Apple and News Corp announce The Daily, an iPad-only newspaper. This goes on to be a massive success, losing a mere $10 million in its first quarter

Fresh from buying out Palm, HP launches the WebOS-running HP TouchPad tablet. This went on to enjoy a level of success comparable to The Daily, above

Struggling Finnish Symbian pimp Nokia announces a partnership with Microsoft to produce Windows Phone 7 handsets. The first fruits of the union appear on November 16

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona sees the arrival of the eventual T3 Gadget Award winning Samsung Galaxy SII and the long-awaited (yet not award-winning) “PlayStation phone”, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. LG announces the Optimus 3D while HTC gets into tablets with the Flyer