title: 2011: A Year in Review August / url: 2011-A-Year-in-Review-August

2011 Tech year in review: August


Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer responsible for building the iPhone and iPad, among other things, announces plans to “hire” a million robot workers to alleviate pressures on its oft-suicidal workforce

Apple gets the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10. 1 banned across Europe, claiming it copies the iPad 2

BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter are blamed for causing/ escalating the UK riots

Nokia announces that it plans not to launch the Meego-toting Nokia N9 in the UK or US

Sony cuts the PS3’s price to £199

HP decides to kill WebOS operations following poor TouchPad and Pre sales. A closing-down sale sees the device on sale for less than £100

Steve Jobs steps down as Apple CEO, handing over the reins to chief operating officer and Big Friendly Giant lookalike Tim Cook