10 reasons to buy the Canon EOS 600D

What is the secret of its power?

One of the best DSLR's around, but what ingredients make it the king of the roost?

The Canon 600D is the best of both worlds, it provides a professional level of quality and performance, but with an accessability that means anyone can pick it up and start learning how to take the best pictures possible. Yes, it comes at a price, but for that price you get a piece of kit that records video so well it's being used by directors to shoot music videos. But what makes it the best of the bunch, surely not just sheer grunt? Well here's 10 ingredients that we think make it the best you can buy.

1. Photo quality
The Canon EOS 600D’s 18-megapixel sensor produces the punchiest, most colourful and detailed images on test

2. ISO sensitivity
Noise is kept at bay even in low-lighting, with an ISO mode that goes all the way up to 12,800. You will notice slight speckling at ISO 800, but that’s par for the course

3. Full-HD video
Video quality is equally as impressive as the EOS 600D’s stills. Shot at 1080p movies look top dollar

4. Manual controls
Adjust the EOS 600D’s myriad features using the many shortcut buttons. It puts control at your fingertips, instead of buried within a menu on an LCD

5. Video Snapshot
This mode is the easy way to produce dynamic video clips. It stitches together two, four or eight second video snippets without the need for software

6. LCD screen
The three-inch LCD has an extremely sharp picture and is articulated at the side, making it easier to take shots at awkward angles

7. Viewfinder
There’s an optical viewfi nder as well as a LCD

8. Very flash
The pop-up flash can also be used as a wireless remote for an external flashgun

9. Battery life
You can take up to 440 shots before recharging

10. Compatible lenses
From telephoto to macro, Canon’s got it covered