10 of the strangest tech support queries

The Geek Squad spill the beans on their most bizarre help requests

Have you tried turning it on and off?

When your technology breaks down, who you gonna call? Many people call a tech support helpline such as The Geek Squad (0800 049 6190). Here, the UK branch of the global gadget problem-solving A-team divulges some of the general public’s weirdest cries for tech help…

Disc Dunce
A customer called in a panic after, as instructed by the manual, playing the set-up CD for her new broadband connection. After a quick probing, the caller realised they probably should have inserted it into the computer's disc drive and not the CD tray of their stereo...

Get yourself connected
Another customer phoned into a Geek Squad call centre complaining that he wasn't receiving emails. When asked if he was connected to the internet, he said no. Apparently he hadn't been informed that email works over the internet.

Impossible Transfer
A customer called The Geek Squad after their phone had been stolen to request that their contacts be transferred to a new iPhone. They thought the "Geeks" were able to track the lost phone and transfer the data remotely.

PC Gone Mad
An irate elderly customer picked up the phone after being unable to get their free broadband working, when asked what sort of computer they had, they replied, "Computer? Nobody told me I needed a computer!"

Picture Imperfect
After purchasing a digital photo frame a confused chap called The Geek Squad seeking advice on how to re-size a picture to fit his swanky, new frame. It transpired that the picture he was attempting to insert was a 5x4 print and not, in fact, a digital image.

Plug it in
A woman called, trying to install her new printer. Every time she tried to turn it on, the computer said it could not detect it. She was then asked if it was connected to her computer. It wasn't.

Window Pain
A gentleman in distress contacted The Geek Squad for advice on setting up his new Wi-Fi connection. When asked to close all his windows so that the relevant icon could be found, the caller diligently shut all of the windows in his front room. This did not allow for wireless broadband, but it did stop a nasty draft.

Wireless Wally
After having trouble setting up a wireless router, one customer rang demanding an explanation. When asked if they'd plugged in the router they were horrified to discover that the wires they thought were mistakenly included with their "without wires" router were actually essential to the set-up of the "wireless connection".

Wireless Wally #2
A woman called, demanding to know why her router was not allowing her to get online when she left the house. It became clear that she expected to be able to get online wherever she was in the country via her home broadband. Once told it would only work within the confines of her house, she cancelled her sub.

You just never now...
A perplexed family contacted The Geek Squad with wireless signal problems in the room next to their router. It turns out the problem was, bizarrely, a ladder in the wardrobe which was blocking the routers signal. Baffling.

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